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Pointwise® and SU2 joint workshop

by SU2 and Pointwise teams

The SU2 team ( is pleased to announce a joint initiative with Pointwise, Inc. ( to present an exciting workshop that will walk attendees through the end-to-end meshing, analysis and design process in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Pointwise is a software package for the generation of high quality CFD meshes. It reads many CAD formats; generates structured, unstructured and hybrid meshes; interfaces with CFD solvers; runs on Windows (Intel and AMD), Linux (Intel and AMD), and Mac, and has a scripting language, Glyph, that can automate CFD meshing.

The SU2 suite is a leading open-source collection of C++ based software tools for performing CFD analysis and optimization. The toolset is designed with CFD and aerodynamic shape optimization in mind, but it is extensible to treat arbitrary sets of equations that govern additional physics. SU2 has been used to analyze and design a range of applications.

The workshop will be held on September 29-30, 2014 in room 450 of the Durand Building on the Stanford University campus. We will also be broadcasting the event through GoToWebinar for virtual attendees. The first day of the workshop will feature sessions covering the basics of the two software packages and how they can be used in concert to tackle aerodynamic shape design problems. The second day will bring sessions on a number of advanced features, including tutorials on implementing new features in the SU2 codebase, how to generate boundary layer resolved meshes with T-rex in Pointwise, and many others.

A preliminary agenda for the workshop is posted here. Space is limited, so please register early. We will send confirmation emails with more information starting one month before the event.

All attendees, please RSVP for the workshop on the SU2 home-page: or using the following link


The SU2 and Pointwise teams

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