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OpenMDAO and SU2 joint workshop was a hit

by Aniket Aranake, and Brendan Tracey

The first joint workshop between SU2 and OpenMDAO was a great success. On September 30th and October 1st, about 25 people joined us in person at Stanford University, and approximately 60 attended remotely.

Each day featured a morning session with tutorials for both software packages. The tutorials encouraged audience members to follow along on their own computers, installing software and running examples along with the speaker. Monday's tutorials featured introductions to both SU2 and OpenMDAO geared toward beginners, covering installation and code basics. Tuesday's session was targeted at intermediate users, covering the details of using the codes for larger and more realistic problems. Those unable to be at Stanford attended via a Go-To-Webinar, and were able to participate by asking questions through the integrated chat environment. The event was recorded and has been uploaded to the SU2 training site.(

Both afternoons, in-person attendees divided into groups to work on small projects in a hackathon format. A key product of this effort was the development of an SU2 plugin for OpenMDAO. The very first design optimization using SU2 and OpenMDAO was performed, modifying the shape of a transonic NACA0012 airfoil to minimize drag. SU2 can now be integrated into a larger optimization framework involving several codes from various disciplines. The SU2 plugin for OpenMDAO can be found on the OpenMDAO plugin github page ( Other teams worked to use OpenMDAO's flexible architecture toolkits to begin crafting multi-disciplinary design problems incorporating additional tools. The results of these projects will be made available upon completion.

There aren't any plans as of yet, but both teams are looking forward to the next combined hackathon!

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