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OpenMDAO and SU2 Joint Workshop

by SU2 and OpenMDAO development teams

We are pleased to invite you to the OpenMDAO and SU2 joint workshop. The SU2 team from the Stanford Aerospace Design Lab (ADL) and the OpenMDAO team from NASA have come together to engage the community in a hands-on and interactive way. This workshop is a terrific opportunity for students and faculty alike who wish to become involved with cutting edge software and learn about the field of computational design.

OpenMDAO is an open-source framework for Multidisciplinary Design, Analysis and Optimization (MDAO). Written in Python, it functions to integrate analysis tools into a single design environment allowing for the investigation of engineering designs and optimization of designs subject to user requirements. OpenMDAO’s development effort is led out of the NASA Glenn Research Center, with support from the NASA Langley Research Center.

SU2 is an open-source numerical PDE solver that can be used to solve the equations of fluid motion. SU2 has been used to simulate a range of fluid including wind turbines, supersonic business jets, and hypersonic re-entry vehicles.

These powerful codes are suitable for general purpose applications. They have been downloaded more than ten-thousand times and have a continually growing footprint in a growing field of research. Because these codes are freely available and can be modified to suit specific needs, they can be used as part of countless research problems.

If you are interested in multi-physics simulations applied to design, this is the workshop for you!

The workshop will be held on September 30th and October 1st in room 450 (Durand Building). Each day will have a morning session to introduce the software packages and an afternoon session to give hands-on experience working with the codes. These sessions will focus on linking OpenMDAO and SU2 for specific multi-disciplinary problems.

A preliminary agenda for the workshop is attached here. Food will be provided both days.

We hope you are able to join us for this exciting and engaging event!

The SU2 and OpenMDAO development teams

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