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SU2 version 2.0 workshop

by Tom Taylor & Francisco Palacios

The SU2 team held its second workshop at Stanford University, following the release of SU2 Version 2.0. The event aimed to both introduce users to the updated features of the code and foster the growth of a development community, providing key information about the structure and functionality of SU2.

The workshop was attended in-person by people from Stanford's campus and nearby companies, and across the country by users online. The presentations and tutorials were also recorded and will soon be available on the SU2 website.

SU2 ver 2.0, workshop agenda. [PDF]
Welcome and introduction to SU2. [PDF]
Introduction to the SU2 code structure. [PDF]
Running SU2. [PDF]
Problem workshop I: SU2 as a high-fidelity analysis tool. [PDF]
Problem workshop II: Design and optimization using SU2. [PDF]
Problem workshop III: Task-based design evaluation with SU2. [PDF]
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