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SU2 version 1.1 available for download

by Tom Taylor

After more than 6 months of dedicated development, the SU2 team has made significant strides in improving the capabilities, reliability, and usability of the open-source analysis and design tool. The interim release, version 1.1, contains a host of new features of interest to the user community, including:

  • Windows binary executables with full functionality (parallelism, CGNS support, etc.).
  • Improved parallelization.
  • Pointwise plugin for direct export to SU2 grid formats.
  • Additional flexibility in the specification of the optimization problem.
  • SST turbulence model.
  • Additional spatial discretization schemes, including HLLC and AUSM (1st and 2nd order accuracy).
  • Axisymmetric implementation for Euler and incompressible governing equations.
  • 3D Reacting flow simulations using argon gas chemistry models.
  • Free surface simulation and design.
  • Periodic boundary conditions.
  • Updated python scripts.
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